Announcing the reopening of our therapeutic riding program that was temporarily closed due to the corona virus.

We will reopen August 12, 2020, and follow all state and federal guidelines. Our staff will wear face masks and disposable gloves, when interacting with our special equestrians. Hand sanitizer will be placed inside our barn, at the riding arena and at the entrance of our pasture to the arena. Upon arrival, all riders will have their temperature taken, and are required to wear a face mask. For more information and scheduling, please call Judy Hendrickson at 610-274-3300.

For more information about our reopening, CLICK HERE

For more information about preventing the spread of COVID-19, visit the CDC website:  https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/

Our Mission

Enhancing the physical, emotional, and cognitive abilities of children, young adults, and adults with special needs and life challenges through the experience of equestrian therapy in a pleasant and natural environment.

A trail to discovery
for the wonder of life.


Passion. Success. Strength.

At Reins of Life we believe that everyone possesses these qualities. Even if it can’t be expressed, there is always a passion. Always a desire for one’s own success. And a strength and endurance that can be found in unexpected places.

Who can benefit from therapeutic riding?

  • those with cerebral palsy
  • someone with Down syndrome
  • a child with autism
  • those with spina bifida
  • someone with Angelman syndrome
  • a person with Prader-Willi syndrome
  • children with learning disabilities
  • anyone with hearing impairments
  • someone with visual impairments
  • a person suffering from depression
  • a person who suffers with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • children with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD)
  • a person with anxiety
  • those with behavioral issues
  • someone who suffers from substance abuse
  • a person with eating disorders
  • … and many other life challenges

I Saw a Child

I saw a child who couldn’t walk,
sit on a horse, laugh and talk.
Then ride it through a field of daisies
and yet he could not walk unaided.

I saw a child, no legs below,
sit on a horse and make it go
through woods of green
and places he had never been
to sit and stare,
except from a chair.

I saw a child who could only crawl
mount a horse and sit up tall.
Put it through degrees of paces
and laugh at the wonder in our faces.

I saw a child born into strife.
Take up and hold the reins of life
and that same child was heard to say
Thank God for showing me the way.

John Anthony Davies
used with prior permission of the author