Meet the Horses of Reins of Life

Gentle Giants. Members of our family.

The horses of Reins of Life are our trusted friends. They are the gentle creatures that we know we can rely on for comfort, safety, and warmth. They are, at once, giving and forgiving. Each with his or her own personality, we give them our love and they give it back one thousand fold.

Beautiful Chrissie!

Chrissie is a registered Halflinger Mare and is the favorite of our youngest riders. She has the longest golden mane and matching tail, which everyone wants to braid the minute they see her.

Chrissie is a ‘diva’ demanding attention, treats and wants to be acknowledged for her beauty by all who meet her.

Lovable Cooper!

Cooper joined us at Reins of Life in January 2016. He is a very handsome 15-year-old Quarter Horse Paint who is the most affectionate and sweet horse, always eager to please. He loves going on country trail rides in the woods, and is best of friends with his pasture mate, Skylar, where you’ll find the two of them rough housing all day long.

Cooper has a unique feature of having one blue eye and one brown eye, making him that much more lovable.

Handsome Skylar!

Skylar came to Reins of Life in 2011 when he was donated after his owner went off to college. Skylar showed in hunter/jumpers for 4 years after a short racing career. He’s a very gentle, sweet and affectionate Thoroughbred, chestnut gelding, who reigns over the others.

After a very docile life, he now has finally been able to be the boss, and loves his job to the fullest. Skylar is 15’ 3 hands tall.

Cute Noble!

Noble is a 15  year old registered Paint Quarterhorse. He was a racetrack pony horse for a number of years then adopted by a very caring young woman who trained him to be a show jumper horse. We acquired Noble (formerly Noodles) in May 2021. He’s super calm, very sweet, kind and loves his horse and human family!

Amazing Snip! (who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge)

Snip would take such good care of his riders to the end of the world and back with his gentle spirit and smooth stride.

He loved belly rubs, Stud Muffins and ranked highest among the riders for his kind heart and amazing patience.