What is Therapeutic Riding?

The Program

The therapeutic riding program helps with stretching of the mind and muscles. The benefits produced can be remarkable, and it is recognized as one of the most progressive forms of therapy, gaining recognition world-wide. The warmth and rhythmic movement of the horse provides numerous physical benefits.

Anticipated Improvements

We often expect to see improvements in gross and fine motor skills, self-awareness, body strength, balance, and coordination.

The feeling of mobility and being able to control such a large animal provides psychological benefits leading to a feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Other Benefits

Many times riders experience increased feelings of independence, self image, confidence, attention span, and motivation.

Customized Equine Therapy Programs at Reins of Life

Reins of Life offers customized programs designed to help children, young adults or adults:

  • With special needs such as autism, cerebral palsy, Downs syndrome, spinal bifida, as well as developmental delays.
  •  Who are struggling with life challenges such as grief, depression, trauma, as well as anxiety.
  • With other life challenges such as dealing with the loss of a family member, pet, friend, a difficult situation at school, or social skills issues.

Equestrian riding skills are taught to our riders in a safe, secure, caring environment based on each individual’s abilities.

Our Sibling Riding Program

Reins of Life offers a unique Sibling Riding Program, where siblings can experience the thrill of horseback riding together, when other physical activities may not be suitable.

Siblings learn to ride and share an enjoyable and physical activity when other activities, like soccer, tennis, baseball, karate or dance are limiting due to the special challenges of an individual.