Kelly Donovan Children’s Scholarship Fund

This special scholarship fund was developed to offer the children of families with financial need an opportunity to participate in the therapeutic horseback riding program at Reins of Life .

Unfortunately, despite its proven medical benefits, therapeutic horseback riding is not yet covered by most insurance. The annual cost to offer this therapy once per week is not affordable for many families. As an organization, Reins of Life needs help to offer scholarship funds to families in need whose children would otherwise be unable to benefit from this valuable therapy.


About Kelly Donovan

Kelly was a long time friend and devoted volunteer of Reins of Life who was actively involved in all phases of our therapeutic horseback-riding program. Assisting the children during their riding sessions was Kelly’s favorite part, while helping get the horses ready taught her about trust and kindness and the true meaning of our work with the children.

Kelly’s nature was to lend a supportive shoulder to anyone having a bad day. She made us laugh, put a smile on our face, she had the best stories to tell, and, when help was needed with special events, Kelly was there lending a helping hand. We’ll never forget Kelly for all the good things that she was, for the way she made us feel, and for the good she brought to our program. She has surely been missed.

We’d like to thank the many members of Kelly’s family, her friends, and co-workers who made generous donations to Reins of Life in her honor and memory. Thank you!

Contribute to help others!

Contributions can be made to Reins of Life for the Kelly Donovan Children’s Scholarship Fund by clicking the Donate button below, or by mailing a check to the address below. All contributions are tax deductible.